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7 Benefits to Getting an Extended Auto Warranty

  1. Huge potential savings

Being hit with a huge unexpected expense can be damaging to your financial status. You can try to keep money in your savings for such circumstances, but it’s hard to be able to predict how much you might have to spend. Plus a blow to your savings is not ideal either, especially if you end up having more than one expensive problem with your car. An extended warranty can prevent you from needing to eat away at your savings and will cover you no matter how many times your vehicle decides to breakdown under warranty.


  1. Peace of mind

Warranty coverage can be extremely relieving as these unexpected expenses can be very stressful financially. You can relax knowing that you don’t have to worry about your car problems anymore. A warranty may be expensive too, but at least it is an expense that you planned for. Even if you end up not needing many of the repair services provided, it is worth it just to have the peace of mind.


  1. Increased resale value

If your car is still under warranty and you decide you would like to sell it, the warranty can increase the value of your vehicle by quite a lot. This may not be something you are thinking about when first buying a car, but many people end up wanting to upgrade or buy a vehicle more suitable to a changed lifestyle (e.g. buying a family car). A warranty is an attractive selling point because it can be transferred over to the new owner and it also is proof that vehicle is in good condition.


  1. Roadside help

Aside from the obvious repair cost assistance, warranties often include general roadside help as well. This could include a free tow, a tire change, gas delivery, and even help when you’ve locked your keys inside your car.


  1. Eliminate the high costs of new car repair

Modern cars are getting more and more complex and their parts are getting more expensive as a result. On top of that, mechanics will charge more to repair newer cars because it is more difficult and may take longer. The advanced technology in these new cars can also be more fragile and can easily become damaged even in low impact accidents.


  1. Expert mechanics provided

There are so many different repair shops out there and not all of them provide high quality service. It can be difficult to sift through the mediocre shops to find a great one. With a warranty, the repair shop will either be chosen for you or they will recommend the best options. Since the warranty company is paying to have your car fixed, they want to make sure it is done right. Therefore, they will always require you to go to quality mechanics.


  1. Help when your vehicle breaks down

No matter how great your new car is, no car is indestructible. Your car will have a problem at some point and with an extended warranty, help and big savings will be available to you when that happens.

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