The 3 Big Reasons You Might Need Life Insurance

When you’re single and living on your own, life insurance can seem like a ridiculous expense with very little payoff. However, once you marry someone or begin a family of your own, things change. Now you have dependents who rely on your income, and if you pass away, they will be left financially injured.

Not everyone needs life insurance, but if you fall under either of these three categories, you probably do.


If You Are the Sole Provider for Your Family

If your spouse and/or children rely solely on your steady income to pay for daily expenses, rent, medical bills, and all of life’s other costs, then you need to invest in life insurance. After you die, your life insurance policy will ensure that your family can land on its feet and take care of their financial responsibilities, even without your constant stream of income. They’ll also be able to pay off any hospital bills and expenses incurred by your death.


If You Are a Parent Who Wants to Provide for Your Child’s Future

Death can come at random times, and although you may plan to save for your child’s college or other expenses, you may not have the time to squirrel away enough cash for that. Thankfully, life insurance can kick in and help cover future expenses. You’ll feel relaxed knowing that, should something happen to you, your children will still be able to have the education you always hoped they’d receive.


If You Have a Substantial Amount of Debt

If you die with a large amount of outstanding debt, your life insurance policy will help cover that. That means your spouse won’t be forced to handle your debt payments on top of funeral expenses, daily living costs, and other bills. Your family members will be able to grieve properly without stressing about the monumental expenses they’ll face in the wake of your death.

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